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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  December 24, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PST

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right now, sticking to his guns, the head of the nra refuses to back down on his opposition to any new gun laws. plus the countdown to cliff-mas. i believe the president is eager to go over theically for political purposes, he sense as victory at the bottom of the cliff. >> while they're miles apart on the cliff, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle go a distance to say a final good-bye to a friend and a giant of the senate, senator inouye. first at the top of the hour, at least two firefighters were killed after arriving at the scene of a fire. two other fire fighters were also wounded. at this point it's unknown how many shooters were involved. the firefighters were forced to retreat. they were not able to put the flames out. at least three homes and one vehicle are burning. firefighters are calling them a
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complete lost. the police chief says it's still an active crime scene. we have this from a reporter a bit earlier from the crime scene. okay. that is not the right piece of sound firefighters, again, involved in that. now to the top of the block and the stories we're watching, head of the national rifle association saying any attempt to reinstitute an assault weapons ban would be worthless and added his own wrimpgle to the debate more guns in school may be the answer here. it's fueling the broader conversation about. jimy williams is a democratic strategist and msnbc contributor. alice stewart is a republican strategist who served as press secretary for rick santorum.
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here is what ray la pierre said on sunday. >> if it's crazy to calling for putting police and armed security in schools to protect our children, call me crazy. i -- i think the american people think it's crazy not to do it. it's the one thing that would keep safe. the nrs is going to try to do that. >> there's already conversations about arming teachers or officers at school. so the question, jimmy, is it a political ploy to change the topic or one of those outside the box ideas that the federal government should take seriously here? >> first of all, i don't know -- i would like to know, first of all how many schools there are in america. high schools, middle schools, preschools, private christian academies? the point is this is unfeasible. i'm not sure it's the right way to go to put an armed guard in every single school in america. who will pick up the taxpayer dla are on that?
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the counties, it is states? the locals the feds? who will do this? it's impractical. to the some mention i don't like guns in our schools. it's a nice political sound bite and they can use an old statement from bill clinton to say this, but i'm not sure it's a practical idea, frankly. >> first of all, when it comes to education, decisions really do need to be handled on a local level. that's how education decisions should be made. but at the same time i do support the idea of consideration putting an armed patrol officer. my sister in atlanta works at a receiving desk, and she's not prepared or trained for dealing with someone coming into the school. i would hate to think of my sister or another teacher have been to stop someone from breaking into their school. so it is something to consider,
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what we learned from friday and the ensuing conversations, we need to put all options on the table. >> but lapierre is saying don't even skier the clips and some are saying clips should be considered here? >> that certainly will be debated the gun control advocates have been talking about this since the tragedy happened and it's something we will be discussing s. but as we have said we need to look how we tree and identify though with his mental illness and look at the responsibility of the entertainment industry, with the influence that has on people. so -- there's a lot of things. >> a lot of possibilities. >> certainly. jimmy "new york times" wrote this in april of 2005. this is seven months after the assault weapons ban ended -- when the ban took effect in 1994, it exempted more than 1.5 million assault weapons in private hands. over the next ten years, at least 1.17 million more were
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prouded by, that availed themselves the loopholes. you know, jimmy, according to "slate" magazine, they make the point that there are over more than 3 million ar-15 weapons in the u.s. today, so people say it doesn't make sense to talk about gun control without talking to the guns on the street. >> when i have -- i don't have children of my own. when i have children that come to my home, i take my guns and lock them in the attic. no matter what happens, the children can't get near those weapons, right? here's the problem with the idea of semiautomatic weapons. alice talked about this issue of video games. i don't know if you take grand theft auto out and -- it's going to killed them, but if you pull
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the trigger it will kill the child or firefighters, whomever else is. i hunt. i don't know of a single hunter, now in my family, no one i know that needs a ar-whatever this thing is. you don't need it. you get one shot at a deer. if you're lucky, you get two shots. if you're that bad of a shot, you ought to stick to fishing. it's a crappy way for making an excuse to own these weapons. you don't need them. do a buy-back problem. cut part of the deficit? bring all 3 million of that one weapon back in, let the government, county, state and federal, pay you to take them back. you do don't need them. we have to leave it there. thank you for your time. speaker boehner has said it's up to the senate and the president to come up with a fiscal deal, but as some point out, he'll have to push a bill
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through the house. given last week's events it won't be easy. "the washington post" columnist e.j. dionne says that may be the silver lining, writing, quote -- now at least we know something important. the current rep majority cannot govern, only a coalition across party lines can get the public's business done. e.j. joins us now, a senior fellow with the brookings institution and an msnbc contributor. e.j., great to see you, as always. john boehner sits to the left of center of his caucus. can he work out a deal without inciting a full-scale revolt? >> well, we don't know that, but i think he'll have to test it. that really tells you something about how conservative the republican caucus has done. john boehner is a good
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conservative. what we have learned from last week is that if you give the 30 to 60, whatever the actual number was, we can't know for issue, but 30 to 60 of the most conservative republicans veto power, you will never get a reasonable solution. president obama made a lot of concessions to john boehner. a lot of liberals didn't like all the concessions he made. he limited the reach of the tax cut, changed the indexing of social security. he put that stuff in there to get republican votes. i think if john boehner -- and it would take courage, said we're going to let the whole housework its will, you can't pass a lot of reasonable bills if you worked from the center out instead of starting from the far right and see what they can take. it's clear they're not going to accept much of anything that might be helpful.
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>> red state was reporting 34 would bolt from the caucus. what's your thought here, e.j.? did the republicans do a disservice to themselves? >> absolutely. i think they took themselves out of the negotiation. in the end, the house has to approve something. you were mentioning that a deal could start in the senate. even if you get something through the senate, is it stalls has to pass the house. again it's john boehner taking a big political risk, but saying we're going to put together a coalition of republicans who want to govern and pass something together with democrats who want to govern and pass something. i want to switch gears. comments from mitt
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romney'sleddest son in "the boston globe." he said he wanted to be president less than anyone i've met in my life. if he could have found someone else to take his place, he would have been ecstatic to step aside. does that ring true. >> i will never dispute a son talking about his father. clearly there were times when he was not at all comfortable in making a public case, in particular taking about hisself. that was a good piece in the globe. looking as hi reluctance, there may be something to what tagg said, though he went to a lot of trouble over five years to be president. so i have a bit of doubt about that. it comes from just watching mitt
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romney, but there was reluctance from him. >> e.j., a lot of folks are scratching their heads after listening that to, maybe you are one of them, too. >> thank you. devastating news for webs sister, new york, two firefighters kid. two other firefighters were also wounded, and police just confirming there is not an active shooter. we've got a live report from the scene right now. amanda, what is the latest you are hearing? >> reporter: we're hearing the latest that four firefighters have been shot just before 6:00 this morning, two of them have died because of their injuries. we're told this all happened when firefighters from west webster fire district were called to a home just before 6:00 with reports of a fire. when the first responding crews got out of their vehicles. they were met by several shots. they had to retreat. those individuals who were shot
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were able to be taken to the hospital. we're told the fire just grew and grew after that. three homes right now are fully engulfed in flames and at least one vehicle. we're told both homes are a complete loss. we don't know about any individuals that might be living at their homes. it's just not a safe situation for crews to get down there. >> any thoughts being discussed on the ground? >> reporter: i'm sorry, what was that? >> what's being discussed in temples of who and why? >> reporter: we're not knowing a lot. again, this is a very fluid situation. neighbors heard a lot of rumors on who it might be. we ngo know they have evacuated the neighborhood. we asked the sheriff about suspects. he says he does not have a specific suspect in custody, but they are talking to the firefighters who were there, who this individual may have been, if it was someone who lived in the homes, someone in the area,
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they're just not sure at this time. too soon to tell. >> amanda, a tragedy, for certain. >> reporter: instead. >> and we'll of course keep you up to date. does the political will exist to enact new gun laws in this country. senator kay bailey hutchison joins us next. ÷ñ÷ñ÷ñññ÷ñ hi. i just want to say happy holidays to my husband chris in hawaii and all of my family and friends back in louisiana. see you soon. then it happened. every boy's dream. i got called up to the big leagues. i was finally a man... on my way to shaving, driving and staying up past midnight. [ whoosh ] [ whoosh ] [ whoosh ] being an adult is overrated. [ male announcer ] holidays aren't the same
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the political conversation has shifted from the house to the senate where lawmakers are
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feeling the pressure f serves on the appropriations committee. she joins us now. thank you for being with us here, senator. >> thank you, richard. glad to be here. >> senator, there's a lot of talk about the fiscal cliff shifting to the senate. that's where a solution should be worked on. what have you been heard from your leadership on that? >> well, i think that everyone is going back to the drawing boards. i had hoped that we would be able to take speaker boehner's plan b and work on that with the democrats, and then maybe come to terms before we broke for christmas. to make sure the tax increases that would occur at the end of the year won't -- and something that hasn't talked too much is it would make permanent the child tax credit, the marriage penalty relief, the amt relief,
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things that middle-class families need to continue. all of that will go you have if we don't do something by the end of the year. >> are you hearing from leadership it will be taken up, something does need to cobble together? >> i know our leader are trying. what about vice president biden, you worked with him for 15 years. he and biden worked very well together in the fiscal negotiations last time. should you bring in biden into the conversation here? >> absolutely. i think joe biden is aaron p that knows the senators. perhaps when he would sit down with two of them, and we've got to bring speaker boehner and eric cantor into the mix to see
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what they can put together on the house side. because they know that we don't want to increase taxes. so i do think everyone coming toe, and it's going to take everyone, the president, the vice president, the house and sena senate. are you saying there's several dozen that did not support plan b, they were not looking at this practically? i agree with them. however, we're at a point where we will not get what we think is right for our economic and country, because we don't control government. so we've got to work within the
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system we have. i think 250,000 as a threshold is way too low. we can't do that to people who have a lot of expenses. we need to up that amount that president obama wants to raise taxes on. >> he was putting it at 400,000 senator, i want to move to the issue of guns. we heard what ray lapierre said earlier. he was singling out one of your colleagues. i want you to listen to part of his interview. >> you could ban all diane fine stein, done whatever you said to. she had insure bean and columbine occurred. >> is the revival of that ban, is that going to pass? >> i think that's a phony piece of legislation. >> so dianne feinstein was
7:21 am
brought up i think five times in that interview. do you think this line of attack is going to work for the n perform a, piling on california lawmaker, from that state? pinches i think we have to take up all the issues. they mass killings have to stop and we have to do everything we can. it will include looking at how many bullets do you need in a magazine in a semiautomatic weapon? i don't know, but i'd like all the hunters to come to the table as well as the people who live in cities who do not want guns and want gun controls. we had need a real dialogue, not just a one-sided one. we need to talk about xbox 360, wii, and the games, how far down into children they're getting. we need to talk about movies. we need to talk about the rating sims, what's in pg and pg-13 are
7:22 am
pretty violent. i think we just have a culture we need to address in its totality if we're going to take people who are clearly mentally ill and try to give them help earlier. i thought charles crowdhammer, who is a psychiatrist, had a point, where it's harder to commit someone for treatment today because it does interfere with certain privacy rights, but yet here we have this is nutty people with huge firearms and a culture that desensitizes people to mass killings, and i think all of those things have to be on the table. >> you're putting everything on the table including clips. thank you, senator. the great holiday getaway is under way. where the trouble spots are today, and members of the senate
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now it's 10:25 here. i found out from checking my cell phone that it was canceled. >> with hole days travels come woes for some folks out there, winter storm on its way across the country could cause travel havoc with more than 90 million on their way to grandma's or elsewhere. gabe gutierrez is live with us at the world's busiest airport, in atlanta. you've got some rain, but i've been to this airport many a time, and it doesn't look too bad. >> not too bad. within the past hour we've been hit hard by a thunderstorm some delays had been reported here, but just as we came on the air, we know that the reports are it's back under 50 minutes.
7:27 am
elsewhere in the country no big delays at any of the major airports, but 93 million americans plan to be traveling, and what they have to pay attention to is this winter storm that hit the west coast yesterday, delayed some flights in san francisco, now moving east, and has the potential to bring snowe into oklahoma tomorrow and possibly severe weather tuesday, christmas day into wednesday before heading to the northeast. drivers will have to pay attention to that. but right now airports around the country doing just fine. no major issues. back to you, richard, gabe, thank you. here's a look at some of the other stories. this just into msnbc. nelson mandela will remain in the hospital for christmas. doctors say they continues to respond to treatment. in honolulu, a good-bye to
7:28 am
senator inouye. the president and first lady joined families and many members. he died at age 88 after serves in the senate for five decades. mike crapo was arrested early monday. he failed sobriety tests after running a red light. he says he's deeply sorry. police report several people shot after a bar shooting outside seattle. it happened at the munch bar, hosting a seahawks after party. reality star aubrey o'day tweeted this, quote, seriously? people just got shot in front of me. we hit the grund. never been in a situation like this. seattle, what is going on? police are investigating this, but they report all seahawk players are okay. dozens reportedly killed in syria as they waited to buy bread.
7:29 am
the escalating crisis there. just one of the challenges. you're watch ago special christmas eve edition of "msnbc live." from the 425 ath here at bagram. wish to wish everyone a happy holidays and merry christmas. >> happy holidays. >> go cowboys! when you have diabetes...
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so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our teams have the information you want when you need it. it's another reason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. we continue to follow that breaking news in braebs terr, new york. if you look at these pictures on christmas eve, four firefighters shot at this location. two are dead, two wounded after arriving at the scene to help battle that fire this morning. police are confirming moments ago there's not an active shooter chief saying one or more shooters fired at the firefighters monday morning. at least three homes and one vehicle is burning.
7:33 am
joining me is jack jacobs and author of "basic surviving boot camp and basic training. colonel jack, we have sat across from each other on this. what do you know about this? is this just part of what we will see for some time? >> one we leave, bring the majority of troops home, we can expect to see more of this, i'm afraid. the last time this happened, the
7:34 am
afghan government said they would do a much better job of vetting the people who were being trained, but of course at the end of the day we rely on the afghan government to vet these people. we remember sees those videos, often commented by analysts how poor the capability of their forces were. are we better off than a year ago in terms of their capabilities? >> they are better. keeping areas secured and all the rest of that stuff. the real weak liven is still the police, the national police are not nearly as well trained as the national army is. i think that's going to continue. there's no way we can have as many trainers as we need and to
7:35 am
have the focus of the national government in kabul sufficient enough to assure the police are not corrupt, they are not bad guys. unfortunately that's the real weak link. >> we've shift gears to syria. in the new year that's a big one out there for president obama. envoys are being talked about at the moment and what can be done there. when we look at syria, what is the next step? >> i think the next step is to wait for things to develop in syria. in egypt, where we played an active part or in libya, and then decided that wasn't particular good idea, the results were not what we had expected. in addition to that, we're not the only players in syria. they said we won't like the results if you get involved
7:36 am
appeared topple assad. >> worse or than better for us there? >> i think so. don't forget that syria is a client of russia. whatever else you say about putin, and there's plenty bad you can say, he brought up something interesting last week. he said, look, you guys, go ahead and have an influence on the outcome. you're not going to like the outcome. when the baath party goes inside syria, you'll have muslim -- the best thing for you is to just stay away. so far we have stayed away. >> medal of honor recipient colonel jack jacobs and msnbc analyst. thank you. while the fiscal cliff has reigning in, some are it's report that had contributions of up 63% for the first nine months. the reason donors are concerned that a fiscal cliff deal could limit the tax deduction on
7:37 am
charitable giving in the future. >> good day to you. is that the reason? i think people are worried they won't know what the deduction listen next we're, so front-loading the deduction this year. hopefully it's my wish they don't reduce it at all. >> let's look at some of the numbers. each year 300 billion is given to charity and claim about 50 billion a year in tax deductions. so when you look at some of the numbers, a person making about $too,000, they can deduct 35%. if that were to go down to 28%, how much do you think that would impact giving? >> you know, the estimate is anywhere between 1 and 30 billi billion, depending on how the deduction goes, and even if it's eliminated.
7:38 am
it's hard to predict. one of the important things is this deduction han in place since 1917, and no one has ever touched it before. so we have no data on what's going to happen, but i think the americans, three quarters of the americans are concerned it will reduce the money to charity. you know, if the country does go over the fiscal cliff, we've been talking about tax rates go up and the charitable deduction stays the same in in a scenario might they see more giving next year? >> you know what? the knowledge about this is really unknown. deductions are not the main reason people give to charity. so the question is what will he do with the deduction, and how
7:39 am
are wealthy people going -- >> what's your suggestion? >> i think they should leave it alone president. we're the most generous country in the world, so why don't you just leave the deduction in place, is my suggestion. >> thank you for your time. >> thanks. final preparation are under way at the north pole. yeah. right now we will check in with norad as they monitor the radar for indications that santa has begun his big night. how does he keep track of the names? does he write them down? >> using an ipad, and he types what house number, and then the name appears up on the ipad. >> is there a special santa app. that he uses? >> yeah, special santa app.. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years.
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they will stop the presses next week and go digital only. the final edition is here with a december p 1st date, with a vintage shot of the old manhattan head indication along with the headline "last print issue. it will be available for tablet, web and mobile devices. it's the countdown to christmas and last-minute holiday shoppers are -- many are hunting for bargains, but are they spending the big bucks? >> well, richard, this is the glendale gallery, a huge mall. it opened about a half hour ago, and a little lightly trafficked
7:44 am
at the moment, even though we have 50% off here, 50% off there, 50% off there. there is some concern that all that great sales talk we heard about goes into the natural lull, and it stayed a lull. now, a lot of reasons. bankrate says 1 in 3 consumers says the fiscal cliff as impacted the spending decisions. here's what a few had to say. >> i'm definitely shopping on a budget, because i just wrote a book and had to spend a lot of money to get the book printed. >> i think we always exceed the budget. >> my budget this year is lower, but it's going okay. i'm able to get little gifts here and there. >> we're spending a lot of money this year. >> reporter: the only one saying they're spending a lot is a female. i don't want to draw any
7:45 am
conclusions from that. as of the weekend, the average spending was only $340 action and that's less than half the total spending expected this year. also wednesday, the after-christmas sales those are folded into holiday spending. >> that's when us frugal guys get out there. jane wells, thank you -- >> reporter: that really is procrastinating. appreciate it. he's made his list, checked it twice. in a nnorad will be tracking his travels. joining from us colorado spring. lieutenant general, thank you for joining us. >> the operation is going full swing since 4:00 this morning, tracking santa all over the
7:46 am
world to deliver the gifts to all the good boys and girls out there. right now we see that santa has been spotted last in perth, australia. >> so what does the timing look like? >> after australia, he's now heading toward the settlement christmas aisle and should be there in approximately 26 seconds. everybody can track santa via various means. first of all we have our website at you can call one of our 1200 volunteers at 1-877 -ia-norad. 1612,000 on twitters, and we have received so far over 13,000 calls at our command center.
7:47 am
>> it is serious business there, lieutenant general. some have hats, some without, but tracking sandy for us, as he makes his way toward the united states. thank you very much, sir. next grab the popcorn or candy, or grab a burrito. it's holiday movie time. we'll tell you what to see an what to skip. rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic. you and your doctor should balance the benefits with the risks.
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'tis the season for giving. what kid does not dream of that first pair of wheels. down in florida, nbc's tom trong has the story. >> feel like a kid again. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. >> reporter: remember the first time riding a bike? jack does. >> it was freedom. i was out of that crazy house that i was born into, and i was
7:51 am
in the open world. i had control of the bike. it was wonderful. >> reporter: you could call him santa, but in west palm beach, he's known as jack the bike man. every year throughout the year he and his volunteers, some strikingly santa-like -- >> can i pull on this? >> ow! >> reporter: i'm sorry about that. >> repaired hundreds of used buys. then right before christmas they give them away. a holiday tradition jack started. >> over 90% of the bikes we give away are the only things the kids will get for christmas. >> pablo lopez was one of those kids. he got one of jack's bikes years ago. now he works with jack, hoping to give other boys and girls their first set of wheels. >> you're giving away something and fixing it yourself, knowing
7:52 am
it's going to a good cause. >>i life-changing for these kids. >> when i first got to the states, all i wanted was a bike. so you give these bikes for free? where were you when i needed you? >> i was right here. >> i'm right here now. >> as christmas gets closer, donations are still coming in. then the day and the crowd arrives. >> i'm excited to come here, because i just saw santa claus. >> i just saw this one, i felt in love with it. >> more than 300 bikes giving away. countless smiles. jack says there ifrg this kind of joy has delivered him from a painful past. loneliness, isolation. i probably would have passed away. >> reporter: without this?
7:53 am
>> yes. >> reporter: it keeps you alive? ivities i think is saved my life. >> reporter: jack the bike man making christmas in florida seem a little warmer. west palm beach. keep your distance. i'll use it if i have to. >> "the hobbit" is number one, taking in 36.7 million. it beat out "jack reacher" which debuted at number two. this is 40, "rise of the guardians" and "lincoln" round out the top five. tomorrow is "less miserables" and with a look and preview of what's hitting the big screen, kim ser afin. so, les mis is getting the attention?
7:54 am
>> yes. long awaited movie. everyone has been talking about this. hugh jackman is incredible in it, and of course anne hathaway is talking about her performance of "i dream the dream." she's already been nominated for s.a.g. awards. >> interesting about that film, too, is how they sang it live. it wasn't sung later or prerecorded. >> exactly. they didn't do these a month in advance and lip seven. they all had earpieces in their ears, listening to piano music accompanies them. people were applauding in the movie theater about this film, because the performances are so strong, so emotional. it is balling they sung it live on set. it was a bit controversial at first, but it really makes the film. it's long, about 2 hours and 40 minutes, but this has such a huge fan base built in. it did get mixed reviews, but
7:55 am
the musical when it first opened had mixed reviews. >> so let's talk about friday. what's coming up? >> also i should mention you also have dj amount ngo unchained. if you're not in the mood for a musical, you can see the quentin tearen tino violent spaghetti western with jamie foxx as a slave who becomes a bounty hunter. typical quinting tearen tino, you take a dark piece of our history, but put this witty social take on it with a lot of dom did i, violence, but still not losing the social aspect. talk friday. >> promiseland is opening with matt damon, about fracking, which is obviously a controversial topic, an oil company wants to drill in his town action he's the company rep. the two of them cowrote it together. they star in it but also cowrote
7:56 am
it. so "zero dark thirty" controversial, opens nationwide next month? >> and i think people are talking about this, it's also getting oscar buzz, but of course the controversy around it, i think it will drive people to see it. be prepared, as people know, we've been talking about the torture scenes that open it, but it's a good movie, good film. >> holidays, movies, they work together, that and burritos i don't know what you eat. >> full popcorn? >>. that's all for this hour. up next we'll have the debate over gun control. will it catch fire in washington? or will the issue die down? we'll have guests on both sides. you're watching a special edition of requests msnbc live." y wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price.
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